2000 Accounts Assistant Post| Syllabus for the post of Accounts Assistant


Tenses x Rearranging of jumbled sentences. x Narration x Models x Articles x Comprehension with blanks to be filled in with x Phrases, Pronouns, Homonyms / homophones. x Clauses
x Synonyms and antonyms x Pairs of words and their use in meaningful sentences. x Idioms and phrases. x Uses of Prepositions.

Abbrevations, Important dates, popular names of personalities and their achievements/Contribution (National and International). x
 Constitution of J&K – Formation, Fundamental rights, Directive Principles. x Weather, Climate, Crops, Means of Transport. x
 Important power projects and their impact on State Economy. x Rivers and Lakes. x Important Tourist Destinations. x
 History of J&K State. x
Historical places of the State and their importance. x

 RTI Act. x Indus Water Treaty and its impact on State economy.
Statistical Methods 24 Marks 
 Classification and Tabulation of Data ¾ Measures of central Tendency and Dispersion their relative merits and demerits. ¾ Theory of Probability ¾ Elementary Knowledge of Theoretical Distributions (Binomial, Poisson and Normal). ¾ Correlation and regression- Concept and definition and simple applications. ¾ Theory of Attributes- Basic concepts and their applications, ¾ Co-efficient and Association and Coefficient of Contingency. ¾ Hypothesis Testing- Chi Square Test & T-Test. Principles of Business Management 24 Marks

Nature Scope and Significance of Management and Administration. The modern concept of Management. ¾ The process of Management ¾ Process of Control: Production Planning & Control, Quality Control, Inventory Control, Budgetary Control and Cost Control. PERT, CPM and GNATT Charts. ¾ Personnel Management : Definition, meaning and Scope, Performance appraisal, Evaluation and Monitoring, Human Resource Planning. ¾ Marketing Management : Definition, Meaning and Scope, Marketing Environment in India, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategies, Challenges of Marketing In India, Social Responsibilities & Marketing Ethics. ¾

 Financial Management : Definition, meaning and Scope, , Financial Statement Analysis:, Income & Expenditure Statement, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Ratio Analysis, Working Capital Analysis, Fund Flow Statement,
Cash Flow Statement, Capital Budgeting/Financial Leverage, Price level Accounting, Cost of Capital & Capital Structure , Issue of Shares & Debentures, Dividend Policy, Bonus , Share Markets: Primary & Secondary, Inventory & Receivable Management, Budgeting & Budgetary Control, Standard costing & Cost Sheets, Marginal Costing and Break Even Analysis, Differential Cost Analysis. ¾
Income Tax : Calculation of Income Tax-Salary ¾ Public Finance: Nature Scope and Importance of Public Finance. ¾ Registration of Companies- Memorandum of Associations, Articles of Associations, Mergers, Acquisition, Diversification, Expansion. ¾ Zero Based Budgeting & Performance Budgeting. ¾ Indian Financial System.

 General Economics 24 Marks
¾ Meaning, Scope and Methodology, ¾ Theory of consumers demand using indifference curve technique. ¾ Consumer Surplus-Basic concept & measurement. ¾ Theory of distribution:-
 Marginal productivity Theory, Ricardian Theory of Rent, Kenysian Theory of Interest. ¾ Pricing under various forms of Market. ¾ Theory of production:- Returns to Scale & Returns to Factor ¾ Factors of production& Production functions. ¾ Concept of Economic Growth and its measurement ¾ Characteristics and problems of developing economy- Demography and economic development.
¾ Rationale of Planning in Developing Countries. ¾ Poverty Concepts & Measurement. ¾ Unemployment- Concept & Measurement. ¾ Objectives & Strategies of Indian Planning. ¾ Problems of resource mobilization- Successes & Failures. ¾ Decentralization & Role of PRIs.
Planning for Inclusive Growth & Development Schemes. ¾ Fiscal and Monetary Policy. ¾ Inflation & Deflation. ¾ Concepts of National Income. ¾ RBI and Developmental Banks. ¾ SEBI, Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments ¾ Deficit Financing

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